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SPONSORED REVIEW: iPhone App Vows to Make You “Happier”

There’s a new iPhone App that was released today that vows not to make you happy. Instead, it says that by using it, you will be HAPPIER. I figured I’d try it out because who can’t stand to be at least a little bit happier. Predictably, the app itself is called “Happier.” The app allowed [...]

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Monopoly Game Gets Rid Of Iron — Find out What Replaced It

Hasbro put fans of the popular board came Monopoly up to the test. Last month, fans around the world were asked to vote online to see which of the game’s tokens they wanted to get rid of. They had a choice between the iron, the wheelbarrow, and the shoe. Voters chose to get rid of [...]

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When Your Jawbone Bluetooth Ends Up in the Laundry…

A few months ago I was transferring my clothes from the washer to the dryer, I discovered the unexpected… my Jawbone bluetooth and a $1 bill had made it into the load of laundry, undoubtedly the result of my having forgotten to diligently check my pockets before putting my clothes in the washer. I will [...]

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Navigating Google Plus: The Top 5 Best Google + Tutorials

If you’re anything like me and you’re already balancing a busy work schedule combined with a busy social media life, the prospect of adding yet another social network to the list to have to learn, update, and manage can be a daunting one. To help you avoid a steep learning curve, below you will find [...]

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The Latest iPhone 6 Rumors

I know, I know. Apple just released the iPhone 5 less than six months ago and people are already buzzing about what new features the next version of the popular smart phone will include. There is much speculation about whether the next iPhone will be called the 6 or the 5s. And for those of [...]

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(Video) Revolutionary Smart Sports Bra Detects Breast Cancer

CNET is reporting that a new sports bra may detect breast cancer in women and could be more effective than mammograms. The First Warning Systems’ Breast Tissue Screening bra contains a censor that measures cell temperature changes that helps identify changes consistent with a developing tumor. So far the bra has been tested in clinical [...]

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