Airline to Google Passengers Before Flights

How would you feel if a flight attendant addressed you by name as you boarded a flight? Would it freak you out or make you feel welcomed?

British Airways is looking to get to know its passengers BEFORE they even board one of their flights. The airline’s new controversial program is called “Know Me” and will cull information from Google Image searches so that the flight crew will be able to identify passengers by name.

“We’re essentially trying to recreate the feeling of recognition you get in a favourite restaurant when you’re welcomed there, but in our case it will be delivered by thousands of staff to millions of customers. This is just the start — the system has a myriad of possibilities for the future,” Jo Boswell, head of customer analysis at BA, told the London Evening Standard.

Some are criticizing the program saying it is an invasion of privacy and is especially intrusive given that the airline will conduct the searches without receiving permission from its customers. It also raises the possibility that flight attendants may be privy and bring up other personal information they may learn through these online searches.

What do you think? Would you feel comfortable with airlines Googling you?


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