Free Wi-Fi Is Now Available in New York Subway Stations!!!!

Free Wi-Fi has made it to the subways of New York… Well, at least in a few stations and only through September 7th.

The project, sponsored by Google offers New York straphangers the opportunity to log onto the internet via smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other wireless devices by searching for “Free Boingo WiFi” at select stations in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

If you are an AT&T or T-Mobile customer, you will now be able to use your cell phones and send and receive data messages from participating stations. The service also grants uninterrupted access to 911 in subway stations.

Here’s a list of subway stations where Wi-Fi is available :

  • A Subway Line SymbolC Subway Line SymbolE Subway Line Symbol at 14 St
  • L Subway Line Symbol at 8 Av
  • C Subway Line SymbolE Subway Line Symbol at 23 St
  • 1 Subway Line Symbol2 Subway Line Symbol3 Subway Line Symbol at 14 St
  • F Subway Line SymbolM Subway Line Symbol at 14 St
  • L Subway Line Symbol at 6 Av
Later this year the service is expected to expand to 30 additional stations on Manhattan’s West Side, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle.
Transit Wireless has a contract with the MTA that will ultimately provide wireless service in more than 270 underground subway stations.


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