Packages & Pricing For Services

Media Training & New Media/Diversity in Programming Consulting: $300 an hour

Book/Content Editing:

Content Editing: $3,000-$5,000

*I will review your book and make suggestions on how to strengthen your work.

*I will provide you with feedback on the flow of your book and provide you with some ideas

*If you are just getting started with a book, I will help you create a good narrative arc for your book (fiction and non-fiction)

*Light copy editing is also included as part of this package

Please contact for customized copy editing rates.

Brand Consulting/Coaching: $400 an hour

*I will provide you brand analysis which will include feedback on your brand as it exists now online, on social media, in the press, and through materials/reports you provide

*I will provide you with feedback on how to expand your brand across media (social media, websites, blogging)

*I will suggest specific business strategies for growing your existing brand

*I will help you set specific goals for growing your brand and help you brainstorm new ways to expand

Social Media Audit — $999

Your presence across social networks will be analyzed. Feedback will be provided on the following:

*The look and feel of each profile (is it consistent with your brand? is it consistent with your other social media profiles?)

*An analysis of the messaging you are sending out (is it consistent with your brand? is it leveraging your brand? is it clear and concise?)

*Are you reaching your audience? (How does your online audience compare in size with your real audience/consumer base?)

Specific suggestions will be given to provide you with feedback on what you need to do to leverage your social media presence. This will include specific recommendations for the most up to date social media tools.


Social Media and Website/Blog Audit — $1899

Your entire digital presence online will be analyzed. In addition to the above (see Social Media Audit), an analysis of your website/blog will be conducted.

Feedback will be provided on the following:

*The quality of the content you post  (Does it add value? Is it consistent with your brand?)

*The design of your blog (is it visually appealing? Is it consistent with your brand? Is it easy to navigate?)

*Content accessibility (is your best content easily found?)

*Is your social media presence properly positioned on your site?

In addition, suggestions will be given on how to further leverage and improve your content.


Strategic Planning Consultation — $599/Hour

Strategic Planning Consultation is available for your team (up to 5 people) as a way to help get you organized and able to set clear and measurable goals for your entire digital presence. We will explore what you have tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t worked.

From there, very specific recommendations will be given for how to set goals that will help you achieve growth on your website/blog as well as on your social media sites. This will include guidance on how to measure results and define success and how this all fits back in with your goals as a company/brand.

An overview of some tools that will help you achieve those goals will also be provided. 


Individual Social Media Coaching — $199/Hour

Social media can be intimidating for many people. Some of the most common questions or concerns:

*What’s the difference between Twitter and Facebook?

*Do I need to have an account on both?

*Do I post the same things on both?

*What tone is appropriate for each?

*Help! I don’t know what to write or say!

*How do I get people to respond to what I post?

*How do I build a following?

*How can I maximize my time on there?

I will walk you through every step — from setting up your account, to explaining the differences between social media sites, and how to maximize your presence on each. I will go over etiquette rules for each social media site and provide you with concrete tips plus the most up to date tools to help you focus and simplify your participation on each. I will also provide you with feedback on your posts and your participation on each social network. I will also give you examples of what works and what doesn’t (and why)

Small Group Social Media Coaching — (3-4 People) $699/Hour

This package consists of much of the same as the one above for individuals, but for a group. If this group consists of a team that regularly works together, guidance will also be given on how to manage and assign tasks to the group to increase efficiency.


Social Media Maintenance: Basic Package — $3999/month

The basic monthly social media maintenance package includes:

* Will post 2 status updates/day on 2 social media networks

* Basic profile maintenance and management on 2 social media networks

* Weekly strategic social media consulting and coaching including feedback on posts and tips on how to increase audience growth


Social Media Maintenance: Intermediate Package — $6,999/month & up

The intermediate package includes all of the elements of the Basic Package plus:

* 3 status updates per day on 2 online social networks provided by client

* Basic monthly maintenance and management on 2 online social networks

* Audience building strategy on 2 online networks

* Daily (M-Fri) strategic media consulting and coaching

* Statistics and feedback on progress


Social Media/Website/Blog Maintenance: Deluxe Package — $9,999/month & up 

All of the above plus:

*Daily Blog management including distributing links to blog posts on 2 social media outlets

*Blog ghostwriting (2-3 posts per week)

*Content Editing Blog Posts (4-5 per week)

*3-4 Blog Post Suggestions Per Week

*Weekly strategic coaching on blog posts



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