New Media/Social Media Consulting

As a broadcast executive and brand/social media strategist to the stars, I will teach you and your organization or company how to effectively communicate with your audience/consumers across platforms.

Whether you are a company seeking to create a more robust online presence to engage your consumers or an organization looking to spread the word about all of the good work your organization is doing, I can help you create an effective new media plan. Likewise, if you are an individual looking to build your brand online, I can help.

First, I will perform an initial analysis of what you have done and what you are hoping to do as a way to determine what current new media tools are appropriate to achieve your goals. I will then construct an individual plan for you that will include my suggestions for how you should build your brand online.

The following is a list of areas covered in my new media plans:

*Social Media (Twitter, FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Klout, YouTube etc)
*Video/Audio (YouTube, podcasts, Viddy, Skype)
*Website (Blogging, professional vs. personal pages, messaging to your specific audience)

Coaching on how to best utilize and maximize all of the aforementioned tools will also be offered.

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