Media Training

If you’re looking to prepare for giving interviews to media and press outlets, I can help. As a journalist with more than a decade of experience in radio and tv newsrooms, I will help prepare you for interviews in print, tv, and radio.

I will teach you the following:

*How to answer any question you might be asked by a journalist in a way that promotes your work and your passions.

*I will help prepare you to answer questions around sensitive or controversial issues

*I can help you anticipate what kinds of questions you are likely to be asked and can help coach you on how best to answer them.

*I will prepare you for what to expect from a tv interview, a radio interview, or a print interview.

*I will teach you what questions you should always ask about an interview once an inquiry is sent to you.

*I will advise you on what to wear to appear “camera ready” for TV interviews.


Basic Media Training: $1,500

*I will coach you on how to prepare for a radio, tv, and print interviews

*I will run through different scenarios and do 3 mock interviews and provide feedback on all

*I will provide tips on how to answer any question thrown out to you

Intermediate Media Training: $2,500

*All of the above plus 2 additional mock interviews that are video/audiotaped for review and feedback

*Detailed preparation for specific media appearances including background on publication/reporter and tips on how to approach each and things to look out for.

Deluxe Media Training: $3,500

*All of the above including 5 total mock interviews that are video/audiotaped and video/audio will be provided to you for review and feedback

*Feedback on actual media interviews after completion.

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