SPONSORED REVIEW: iPhone App Vows to Make You “Happier”

There’s a new iPhone App that was released today that vows not to make you happy. Instead, it says that by using it, you will be HAPPIER. I figured I’d try it out because who can’t stand to be at least a little bit happier. Predictably, the app itself is called “Happier.”

The app allowed me to post pictures and comments about what makes me happy each day as it happens. The process of reviewing my day for highlights in itself made me smile. To have a place to document and share what made my day with others is sure to inspire.

The developers suggest you post at least 3 things that make you happy each day:

“It’s inspired by research which shows focusing on the positive and sharing good things with people you care about makes you happier and healthier.”

You can invite your friends (it links you into Facebook automatically) to join and it allows you to make categories to help you group your “Happy.”

And before you all get too excited about the prospect, its makers have only made a version offered on the iOS/Apple platform. So if you are an Android or Blackberry user, you have another reason to not be as happy as those of us who have iPhones. (I kid).

A couple of drawbacks of this app is that I couldn’t figure out how to create new “collections” or categories. I have a note out to the Happier support folks to see if they can talk me through it. The other thing I did not like about the app was that it forces you to connect to your Facebook page in order to complete the sign up process. I prefer stand alone apps that give you the option but that don’t force you to connect to any other social media outlet.

Try it out HERE and let me know what you think and if it makes you happier…

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Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored review, but the content is written by me based off of my own experience with the product and is in no way biased. I am, after all, a trained journalist! :)

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