The Furby is Back!!!

Who can forget this toy from the 90′s? Yes, yes, y’all… The furry Furby is back. But, it’s not the Furby of yesteryear. This new version has gone digital.

Yes, the old Furby was interactive. It was powered with robotic eyes and ears and it spoke… nonstop if you let it.

The new Furby is much more active. It can wiggle its ears and dance. It also can talk with other Furbys and can respond to humans as well. A special Furby app will send additional sound codes to the toy.

The new Furby should be available in stores by Christmas and is expected to be priced at $60.

Take a look at a preview below:

<iframe width=”260″ height=”215″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>



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